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Disappearing Messages on Viber

Make messages disappear when you’re having extra private conversations.

Start now on Viber:
All-rounder Diva : I am facing problem with the timer. Only ( 0.. ) is showing there
Rajkumar Upreti : You showed the credit card number in yt video among all the people & You are telling it extra security!!
Don't Share those private messages among the people in social media
Anthrax : most people would say send me nudes instead of credit card info.
Jacob Stuni : When will we make our own custom messages ? Style and color please
Osman Osang Daniel gurung : What about screenshots ?
OM BABELE : Please disable this feature
It’s very annoying
Andi Watt : This sucks....I was able to have the regular chat and secret chat (which already had a timer on it) separate. I used to have the normal chat on my different computers and on my mobile and the secretive chat on just the mobile. Now my colleagues can see the secretive chat on my computer whenever I'm not around.
ツTheSeaBird : U know that she can take a screenshot of the credit card. Its not that safe as you say
Ahmet Gashi : Er
zhrO zh : Tried to install the Viber on Debian 10 but the deb file is not working and it misses libssl1.0.0 from stretch on buster, it also fails over snapd

Create your own GIF on Viber

Boomerang , Slow-mode , Fast-play ⏩ or Reverse-play ⏪- Turn any video into a timeless #GIF on Viber!

Try now:
T. O. : Good. Now fix the common emojis, smile etc. They look ridiculous.
Dmytro Doloban : 23.06 not working on xiaomi redmi 4x
King Treedede : Listen here you messaging app
I will erase every single employee you have if you don’t either remove the auto emojis or make it something I can toggle in settings
I will make you company crumble to the ground you hear me
If I can’t send a :) within 3 months I will be forced to admit I have no power over your company but I will be very sad and weep a single tear
Olya OZ : Does anyone know the breed of the dog in this video ? It's adorable <3
Jacob Stuni : In android devices you can make any sticker that you love but in ios you can’t do anything lik that but now you can make GiFs wow amazing waiting since 2019
Anjal’s World : Viber is the best

Group Video Calls on Viber!

Make a Group Video Call for up to 20 people on Viber.

Start now from a group chat or add people to an ongoing video call.

Call now:
galawezh Mhamad : Galavesh.hussien
Ivan Gvozdetsky : Этодействительно интересно и полезно!
Parwin Duski : ainko
Billie Eilish Fan : I have iphone 8 plus when I’m calling my friends in the group I cannot open the video call bc i dont have it
Jernej Cencelj : But when is it gonna be available? I can't wait to try this!
Jernej Cencelj : I really needed this!
Anika Alejandrino : I already tried it out.
Anika Alejandrino : Nice!!!
CÉL EZER feliratkozó : I don’t have group video calls please can you update Viber?
Ace Hardy :




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